Henkel Loctite products and methods since 2005.

P.A. System was born from the acquisition of a branch of the Henkel Loctite company, a point of reference in pre-treatment applications for threaded couplings.

The adventure began in 2005 in Brugherio, a strategic location due to its proximity to a number of leading screw manufacturers on the Italian market, where the company is still based today.

Over the years, the company has established itself as the first multifunctional centre for the treatment and marketing of Henkel Loctite technologies, a unique organisation in Italy.

In 2015, P.A. System continued its growth with the opening of a branch in Trezzo sull’Adda, within the Agrati screw factory, to optimise the production process and product distribution as much as possible.

Innovation and quality in every process

P.A. System takes care of the last step in the processing of threaded joints: the pre-application of adhesives and sealants, using constantly evolving products and processes. Proud of the experience acquired over time, we continue to embrace the Henkel Loctite brand and philosophy, to offer an ever more functional and environmentally friendly product.

We work alongside technical experts for the constant development of new machinery and technologies, in direct contact with the Henkel Loctite research and study centres, which represent a level of excellence in the world of pre-treatment. We are driven by the constant desire to produce and market highly technical articles for the automotive and electronics sectors, industrial applications and many other fields of use.

  • Henkel Loctite methods and exclusive treatments
  • Detailed analysis of technical requirements
  • Personalised consultation
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Flexibility

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