Henkel Loctite’s Dri-Seal® pre-applied coatings provide instant sealing by completely preventing the passage of fluids.

The products have good lubricating properties that facilitate the assembly of parts.

They can be applied to both male and female elements. These products do not lock threaded elements, allowing them to be easily disassembled.

The sealing coatings are characterised by strong resistance to operating temperature and chemicals, and by low friction coefficients.

Characteristics and benefits:
  • They ensure an immediate seal
  • They are resistant to liquid and gaseous fluids used in industrial and automotive applications
  • They comply with OEM and automotive industry specifications
  • They can be used with both metal and plastic parts
  • They can be applied to external threads from ø 3 mm
  • They can be applied to internal threads from ø 4 mm
  • They are water-based, making them non-toxic
  • Extended storage time of treated parts
 P.A. System
Loctite Dri 503HV
  • base color white (other colors on request)
  • excellent resistance to chemical agents
  • operating temperature from -54°C to +150°C

LOCTITE® DRI 503HV is an off-white, thixotropic, acrylic
thread sealing adhesive liquid.
This non-toxic product is suitable for automatic dispensing operations, and when
dry becomes a resilient, tight-clinging, non-curing sealant for tapered or straight threads. Ideal for applications where readjustments may be required and is reusable up to five times.

 P.A. System
Loctite Dri 516
  • brown color
  • excellent resistance to chemical agents
  • operating temperature from -54°C to +150°C

LOCTITE® DRI 516 is a burnt orange to brown, highviscosity,
thixotropic, acrylic, thread sealant liquid for
automatic dispensing applications.
Dried using convection oven air flow, the product is pre-applied and
non-toxic. The product is suited to applications where
readjustments might be required. It has great threadfilling
and prevailing torque characteristics.

 P.A. System
Loctite Dri 5061
  • light blue color
  • generic uses
  • operating temperature up to +150°C

LOCTITE® DRI 5061 is a pre-applied, non-curing, nontoxic, aqueous-based thread sealant with high temperature and solvent resistance. The coating is dryto-
the-touch and ready for immediate use. Typical
applications are sealing threaded components like pipe
couplings and fittings, with either parallel or tapered
threads, against gases, aqueous and non-aqueous fluids up to a temperature of +150°C.

 P.A. System
Loctite Dri 128324
  • light blue color
  • generic uses
  • operating temperature up to +150°C

LOCTITE DRI 128324 is a pre-applied,
water-based thread sealant, with good resistance to high temperatures, heat ageing and solvents, similar to 5061.
Il film non reticolante preapplicato su un giunto o raccordo filettato è asciutto al tatto e pronto all’uso immediato.