P.A. System offers a pre-treatment based on polyamide inserts for braking threaded parts.

Dri-Loc Plastic® delivers an immediate braking action and allows good resistance to vibration while still allowing the adjustment of the threaded joint if necessary.

Our braking treatments are ideal for adjusting screws that have to endure mechanical stress or undergo repeated adjustment after assembly.

Braking products are available in red, blue, yellow and green.

Characteristics and benefits:
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive media
  • Reusable up to five times
  • They comply with OEM and automotive industry specifications
  • Practically unlimited storage time
 P.A. System
Driloc Plastic
  • red, yellow, blue, green colors
  • braking action
  • good resistance to vibration

Non-reactive polyamide product available in various colours. It can be applied in the 90°-120° configuration or on all 360° of the thread. It has instant prevailing torque after assembly, good resistance to vibrations and can be repositioned and reused.